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Tucson commercial bed bug treatmentThere is no shame in having a bed bug problem, but you want it dealt with expertly and promptly. Phoenix Bed Bug Experts are the professionals when it comes to exterminating commercial and residential properties of bed bugs.

We use proven and guaranteed methods and our 6+ years of experience of treating only bed bugs have built us a trusted reputation throughout Arizona.

If you a commercial property owner or property manager looking for immediate bed bug extermination, call your Tucson Bed Bug Experts at (520) 214-3115. We can also provide free estimates for our bed bug treatments. Our work is 100% guaranteed and comes with up to a one year warranty.

Tucson Commercial Bed Bug Inspection

If you think you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, call the Bed Bug Experts and we can help. First, it all starts with a bed bug inspection of the entire premise. Because we only deal with bed bugs, we know where they like to hide and the best way to treat them for all types of infestations.

To schedule a commercial bed bug inspection in Tucson, call (520) 214-3115.

A bed bug is a small flat insect that hides in dark corners. It doesn’t stay in just the bedroom, but it does feed mainly at night while you are sleeping. Most people notice the itchy red bites and may believe a mosquito has attacked them. The bed bugs also leave evidence of their presence by dirty brown excretions on mattresses, soft furnishings, and bed frames. If you look in the folds of the mattress you may also spot live adult bed bugs.

Bed bugs breed at an incredible rate. A well-fed female bed bug will lay eggs every day. Bed bugs do not move on when they find a food source, they settle in and breed. The odd bed bug may be carried away on your clothing and transfer to someone else – that is how your property may have got them.

The important thing to remember is that a bed bug population will continue to grow and feed until you do something to eradicate then. We do provide 100% guaranteed bed bug treatments that we have listed below with more details.

Tucson Commercial Bed Bug Treatment Options

After assessing your bed Bug problem through an inspection, we discuss your treatment options and give you a quote for our services. We eradicate bed bugs from any type of property (hotels, apartments, offices, warehouses, etc) with the use of a bed bug heat treatment or a pesticide/chemical spray. We are confident in our expertise and can offer you a superb peace of mind warranty for up to a year with our heat treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment
Our expert heat treatment process kills all bed bugs and their eggs within eight hours. We heat your entire structure to 150 degrees with our specialist equipment to kill all bed bugs and eggs where they hide on your premises. The heat treatment is safe and effective and after the process, there are no more bed bugs.

We follow the heat treatment with a chemical pesticide spray to prevent any reintroduction of bed bugs to the property.

Bed Bug Chemical/Pesticide Spray
Heat treatment is the best way to eradicate bed bugs but if your structure is unsuitable or you prefer a cheaper option the alternative is spraying with pesticide. We use chemicals approved by the Environment Protection Agency which is safe for people and pets.

We spray all rooms and common areas in the property with the chemical/pesticide. When the bed bugs crawl out of their hiding spaces and encounter the chemical pesticide layer, they will die. As eggs that are already laid hatch, the newly emerging bed bugs also contact the pesticide and they die. It takes around thirty days for all the bed bugs and eggs to be dealt with, leaving you free from bed bugs and further infestation.

Contact Us for a Bed Bug Treatment Estimate

We are experts at eliminating bed bugs and have helped over 8,000 homeowners and business throughout Arizona. Contact us at (520) 214-3115 if you think you may have a problem. Our specialist team will eradicate your bed bug infestation and put in place protection to help stop it happening again.

Bed Bug Customer Testimonials

These guys were so great! I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable with having bed bugs, they made me feel very comfortable and took care of our small infestation very quickly!

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Sincerely, Tassy B.