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Need to get rid of bed bugs? Tucson Bed Bug Experts offers guaranteed bed bug treatment and extermination. Our treatments come with with up to a one year warranty.

We have been in the bed bug industry for 6+ years and have helped over 8,000 local residents get rid of their bed bugs through our guaranteed treatments.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Benefits If you are realizing that you are waking up most mornings itching or red rashes, you just may have bed bugs.

Our Tucson Bed Bug Experts can perform a complete inspection of your home to find any evidence of bed bugs. If evidence of bed bugs are found in your home, we will show you where they are found and assess the extent of your bed bug infestation.

To exterminate your bed bugs, we offer chemical and heat treatments. Both options are 100% effective at killing bed bugs. Heat treatments will offer you instant, same-day relief while chemical treatments can take up to 30 days to fully exterminate all bed bugs.

Once we’ve inspected your home, we will advise you on the best treatment for your bed bug infestation. To schedule an inspection, give us a call at (520) 214-3115.

Treatments Are 100% Guaranteed with Up to a 1-Year Warranty

One Year Bed Bug Warranty Unlike some of our competitors, we guarantee our work for up to a year. If any bed bugs arise after we’ve completed our treatment, we will come back free of charge to re-treat. To learn more about our bed bug warranties, click here.

You can always expect to receive the absolute best customer experience. We have over 100 five-star reviews from satisfied customers. You can read our most recent reviews on our Customer Testimonials page.

Discreet Bed Bug Treatment & Removal

Tucson Bed Bug TreatmentWith our inspections and treatments, you can also count on us being completely discreet. None of our vehicles have the words “Bed Bugs” on them.

We can quickly find and exterminate your bed bug infestation before the problem becomes apparent to anyone else.

Treating the entire home is the only way to completely exterminate bed bugs. Bed bugs are “master hitchhikers”, so spot treating an area or one room will not work. They will just move to other untreated areas.

As soon as you suspect that you may have bed bugs, you should immediately contact us. Bed bugs spread extremely fast. Just one single bed bug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in her lifetime. After 6 to 10 days, bed bug eggs hatch and newly emerged nymphs (baby bed bugs) seek a blood meal.

Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading Into Your Entire Home – Call (520) 214-3115

Anthony was incredibly insightful, useful, and maintained a high degree of professionalism throughout the process. I felt like he really went above and beyond to make sure the whole process was as easy and satisfactory as possible for me! Still no bed bugs after treatment!

Rating:5 of 5 5 of 5 stars
Sincerely, Chuck R.

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